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About S.A.V.E.

On June 20, 2007, SAVE was invited to combine its meetings and officers with the statewide purchasing consortium known as the Greater Phoenix Consortium of Schools (GPPCS). S.A.V.E. is proud to partner with GPPCS; however, both consortiums will retain their autonomy . The combination of meetings and officers is only to facilitate certain efficiencies for both groups. The S.A.V.E. Consortium uses this web site to list contracts and officer names. Any governmental agency wishing to join S.A.V.E. may contact Sharon Brause, an officer for S.A.V.E. membership. SAVE, like GPPCS has no registered vendor list.

About our State of Arizona Contract Award

The Arizona State Procurement Office (SPO), located within the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA), serves as the State’s central procurement authority and is responsible for the authorization, oversight and management of the contracting and purchasing activities of the State.

Enterprise Networks Solutions was awarded Contract #EPS060043-11 on July 17, 2006.